About Us

Who we are??

In a span of 11 years, we are in a position to proclaim ourselves as one of the best institutes for Education Consultancy in Nepal. We promise students the most study friendly and congenial environment with the state-of-the-art facilities for study abroad, test preparations, language courses and other professional training courses.

Aakash Institute is the pioneer education institute in Eastern region of Nepal, established in 2009. As a premier educational institute it meets all the necessary academic and management standards to meet the modern day challenges.

Aakash Institute, since its inception at itahari, has established itself as education hub in the eastern region. It is the pioneer in the sector of providing diverse educational service like Bridge course after SEE , Entrance Preparation of CTEVT, NURSING, ENGINEERING, MEDICAL, PARAMEDICAL, APPLIED SCIENCE, CMAT/KUUMAT & Abroad Study for JAPAN, INDIA, AUSTRALIA, U.K. & CHINA.

Moreover, with a decade long experience and research of the market, we have geared up for yet another landmark in the education sector. The key to success, however, is the highest level of preparation and that is what AAKASH INSTITUTE has been striving to achieve. Here at AAKASH INSTITUTE, we prepare students to the fullest and leave nothing to luck. We equip them with all sorts of ornaments they need to face the battle.

With the best possible qualified counsellors, faculty, staff and state-of-art facilities, we are now an indomitable force in the arena of Educational Consultancy. Here, you will find the energy and innovation of a young team coalesce with the experience and expertise of the most revered counsellors, instructors and the senior management.

The guiding principle at AAKASH INSTITUTE is to optimise Human Resource Development in order to provide quality services to every client ensuring maximum valur possible.


  • To serve the educational sector and the nation by making continuous investment towards helping the students get quality and diverse educational opportunities.
  • To operate the comapny on asound financial basis of profitable growth, increasing value for our intellectual property and creating career opportunities and financial rewards for the employees.
  • To understand the social corporate responsibility and acrively recognize the central roal of Aakash Institute in the structure of society.


  • To lead the industry in terms of quality in the South Asian Region by focusing the resources towards diversity, growth and investments plan in Nepal to research the market feasibility.
  • To support our vision of providing continuous career opportunities and financial rewards for our employees by growing and diversifying every year.
  • To support the social issues by innovative means in order to improve the quality of life and thereby creating a pool of students round the world for the social cause.

True to our vision, we aim at remaining synonymous with any force that looks at “accessing knowledge” through diversity, optimizing study option to suit every students need, setting a benchmark for quality control and to deliver any corporate social responsibility in the education industry.

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